CanPRO Can Opener Permanent

Model No: NCO0001

Price: $750 (ex GST)

Product Type:

Product Description

  • Stainless steel permanent mount model
  • Screws into the countertop
  • Rolls edge on can and lid ensuring no sharp or jagged edges
  • No metal shavings fall into food
  • The cutter never makes contact with the inside of the can so it cannot get dirty or contaminated
  • No gear breakage or wear due to the gearless handle system
  • Cutter housing is a quick change module and can be replaced in under 10 seconds without any tools
  • Can handle up to #10 cans up to 237mm high
  • When the cutter is worn it will no longer cut rather than producing sharp or jagged edges.


  • Voltage:
  • Power:
  • Size(mm):
  • Weight:
  • Origin: United States

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