Mecnosud DDM0220T Dough Divider 20 Division with Cutting Grids

Model No: DDM0220T

$20,000.00(ex GST)

Product Type:

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Product Description

• Dough Divider with a rectangular 20 division tank
• 20 divisions at 80 x 200mm
• 5kg to 17kg dough capacity
• Blades automatically ascend to divide the dough while in operation
• Lateral plates guarantee easy access to facilitate cleaning of the internal mechanism
• Comfortable handle on the lid for easy operation
• Ideal for bakeries looking at automating the dough dividing process
• 3 functions in the same machine
• Hydraulic dough divider with 20 divisions
• Divider/Moulder for bread ready to be baked
• Press for butter and food dough
• Additional features include:
– Teflon coated head cover
– Flour basin
– Flour anti-spatter
– Divider/Moulder attachment
• Manufacturer Code: DV20T

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  • Voltage: 400
  • Power: 3 phase
  • Size(mm): 1106 x 800 x 1732
  • Weight(kg): 280
  • Origin: Italy
  • Warranty: 12 MONTHS WARRANTY

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