Everlasting BCE9320 Blast Chiller 20 Tray Trolley – Remote Installation

Model No: BCE9320 Category:

Price: $44,000 (ex GST)

  • Suitable for a range of trolleys; 2 x 1/1 GN,1 x 2/1 GN, 1 x 600×800
  • 120kg blast chilling from +90°C to +3°C by core probe or by time
  • 90kg shock freezing from +90°C to -18°C by core probe or by time
  • Internal dimensions: 660 x 801 x 1860
  • Choice between hard and soft cycles both for blast chilling and for shock freezing
  • Automatic storage phase at cycle end
  • Ambient temp 40°C
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Colour touch screen with user friendly interface controller
  • Professional tray range can be controlled remotely via a wi-fi connection
  • Supplied without plug, must be installed by a licensed electrician
  • Price does not include installation
  • Manufacture code: BEA000


Extended Gold Star Warranty 2 Years Parts, 1 Year Labour