Orved VMO0031E High Line Vacuum Sealer Evox 31

Model No: VMO031E

$5,600.00(ex GST)

Product Type:

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Product Description

• 12m3/h Pump
• Chamber size: 355 x 365 x 184mm
• Sealing Bar: 310mm
• Waterproof touch panel with 6 backlit touch keys and two alarm warnings.
• 5 Specific chef programs
• 4 vacuum preset programs with gas flushing option, useful when vacuum packing soft, delicate products (for bags), 3 vacuum programs for containers and 3 cycles with gas
• 7 adjustable sealing levels, minimum, medium and maximum.
• Self calibrating sensor
• Sealing beam is completely removable without the use of tools.
• Inlet valve located on one of the vacuum chamber corners allows for the suction tube to create vacuum in jars.
• The vacuum chamber has a lowered circular bottom concaved to facilitate vacuum packing in jars.
• Curved tempered glass lid.
• 90-degree tilting body, allows complete access to all internal components. A fast and easy system to facilitate all maintenance operations.

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  • Voltage:
  • Power: 10amp
  • Size(mm): 495 x 630 x 288mm
  • Weight(kg): 37
  • Origin: Italy
  • Warranty: 12 MONTHS WARRANTY

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