Everlasting DAE1500 Seasoning/Dry Aging Double Door

Model No: DAE1500

$9,800.00(ex GST)

Product Type:

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Product Description

  • Suitable for dry ageing meat, curing salami and seasoning cheese
  • 304 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • 43°C Ambient
  • Full control of temperature 0°-30°C
  • Full control of relative humidity 40%-95% RH
  • Approx 200Kg of hanging product
  • Approx 30 days for salami reduction
  • Glass door and LED lighting for food visual display
  • 75mm thick insulation
  • Internal round corners
  • Supplied with 6 shelves, 1 hook rail and 4 meat hooks.
  • External condensation pan
  • Built-in humidifier
  • Automatic suction fan for air exchange
  • Auto defrost
  • Self closing doors
  • Key and lock standard
  • Must be connected to water supply
  • If unit is in an area with hard water, we recommend installing a water filter to protect the components
  • Manufacturer Code: STG1500
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  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Power: 2.240kW
  • Size(mm): 1500 x 850 x 2080
  • Weight(kg): 250
  • Origin: Italy