Everlasting RPE2790 Retarder Prover

Model No: RPE2790

$11,600.00(ex GST)

Product Type:

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Product Description

• Controlled fermentation by accurate management of temperature, humidity and time
• Supplied with kit for 406mm x 720mm (16” x 29”) trays (1 per level)
• Kit available to take 600 x 400 baking trays (2 per level)
• Temperature Range -10°C – +40°C at 38°C ambient
• R290 refrigerant
• Monoblock refrigerating unit with internal evaporator for accessibility
• Must be connected to water supply
• If unit is in an area with hard water, we recommend installing a water filter to protect the components
• Manufacturer Code: AFK231/BAKING CAB GREEN FL 100

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  • Voltage:
  • Power:
  • Size(mm): 1000 x 790 x 2050
  • Weight(kg):
  • Origin: Italy
  • Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

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